Resin Bonded Stone

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Resin bonded stone paving throughout the Uk

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Looking to redo your concrete driveway?

If you are looking add more style and elegance to your existing dull driveway surface of either tarmac or concrete the most stylish option that is currently popular is Resin bound paving or resin bonded stone or sometimes referred to as resin bonded gravel. Resin bonded stone gravel is a more rustic option than resin bound paving as it gives a more textured look like loose gravel but bonded to the surface.

It is the method in which polyurethane resin is applied to an existing surface and gravel or smooth stones are scattered over it. This then allowed to cure and excess stones are swept away. The result of this is a fabulous looking driveway that adds character to your home. Resin bonded stone and gravel provides the perfect solution for driveways, roads, pathways and walkways and is non slip which is a bonus for inclined drives.

Check out our resin bonded stone colour chart by clicking here.

Why choose us for resin bonded stone paving?

Inclined driveways can be extremely slippery in wet weather winter conditions. At Surebond Surfaces UK Ltd we have a drive surface that is non-slip and aimed at avoiding slipping or skidding. Your tired looking concrete driveways can be transformed for as little as £26.00 per m2

Remember that the finer the stone particles you choose the lower the price to treat your driveway or pathway. This is due to the fact that the amount of polyurethane binder adhesive securing the stones will have an impact on the overall cost. If you want a free of charge quotation from our experts for your driveway, email the size of your driveway or a reliable sketch with the dimensions for the same.
resin bonded car park surface
non slip resin bonded approach to large private house

Benefits of resin bonded stone paving installations

  • Anti-slip surface 
  • 7 year guarantee
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Appearance of natural stone
  • Quick installation and anti-slip surface 
  • Weed free and non-spreading surface
  • Economical resurfacing of asphalt or concrete substrates

Resin Bonded Gravel Drives

Surebond Surfaces Uk carry out driveway surfacing in the following areas Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, West Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex London, East Sussex, Kent, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Gwent, Glamorgan, Pembrokeshire, Powys, Hereford & Worcestershire.
resin bonded car parking outside private garaging
Need specialist resin bonded stone paving surfaces in Somerset or anywhere else in the UK Call Surebond Surfaces UK Ltd on                        01278 664 402 today!
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