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Resin bound driveway paving by Surebond Surfaces UK Ltd 

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Resin Bound Paving & Driveways

At Surebond Surfaces UK Ltd in Somerset we understand the need to make your driveway or patio look great. If you are planning on uplifting the look of your driveway, patio or pathway - resin paving is the right solution for you. 

Resin bound paving is used to achieve a smooth textured stone finish. This is used on public footpaths, commercial building entrances, park pathways, drives, swimming pool surrounds, balcony's and walkways. Take advantage of our services in Somerset and throughout England and Wales. Give us a call today for expert advice.

Check out our resin bound paving colour chart by clicking here.

Benefits of resin bound paving

  • 10 year guarantee (20 year life expectancy)
  • Gives a natural stone appearance
  • Highly durable and low maintenance
  • Can incorporate any design and logo
  • Smooth, seamless and slip resistant
  • Wide variety of natural stone finishes to complement the environment
  • A porous surface allowing water to drain through the resin bound paving 
  • Possible to lay this at varying thickness and take out substrate irregularities

Surebond Surfaces UK Ltd install resin drives in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and North Somerset.

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View our FAQs

  • What base do I require to lay resin bound paving?
Basically any sound substrate like asphalt tarmacadam, concrete, sand cement screeds, timber decking, steel decking, damaged tarmac or concrete substrates can be repaired and made good and then the Surebond resin bound paving can be applied to hide all defects and scarring just as long as overall the substrate is sound.
  • Can it be laid across multi surfaces?
As long as the surfaces are relatively sound you could lay across a drive made up of say block paving, tarmacadam and concrete and technically make a new seamless overlay since the product has great flexibility against expansion and contraction of differing surfaces.
  • Say I have not got a tarmac or concrete surface what are my options?
We could give you a specification for a build up of tarmacadam or concrete, to which you would then say lay a 18mm- 20mm resin bound finish or you could lay a well compacted MOT type stone base and then lay the resin bound paving directly onto this surface. But then you would need to lay the Surebond paving in 50-60 mm thickness.
  • Do I need to prime the surface?
There is no need to prime tarmacadam although concrete, timber and steel decking should be applied with Surebond surface conditioner to ensure 100% adhesion.
  • Is it easy to lay?
Our teams of trained resin bonded or bound paving installers are fully trained to provide swift and correct installation, but anyone with a reasonable degree of trowel ability could install or be trained to install our materials.
  • How long will the paving last?
Providing the Surebond paving is maintained and looked after the life will be in excess of 10 years as per tarmac, block paving, printed concrete etc. However just like any surface, if not cleaned regularly or repaired or damaged its life can be reduced purely because there has been lack of maintenance or care.
  • Is it non slip?
Our resin bound paving can incorporate anti slip aggregates to effectively reduce slip accidents and this can be customised to the clients' requirement.
  • Is it oil resistant?
Yes because each particle of stone is enveloped in UV stable polyurethane resin and this makes the stone oil resistant.
  • Can it be cleaned easily?
Yes general sweeping and low pressure power washers and detergents can be used effectively together with fungicidal washing once per year to stop moss growth in shaded damp areas as per any paving such as block paving and concrete slabs etc.
  • If I damaged the surface or had to dig up to lay a service is it easily repaired?
This paving system is easily repaired if cut out carefully and a new section is laid up to neat straight cut out sections. The new material will soon weather into the originally laid material.
  • Is it fully guaranteed?
Yes we guarantee all applications for 10 years and the life expectancy is well and far beyond that period comparable with other paving materials such as printed concrete, block paving and tarmac surfaces.

Looking to pave the way on your own?

If you are looking to train to be a resin bound paving contractor, we at Surebond Surfaces UK Ltd regularly have training days for DIY applicators or paving contractors who are looking to become expert resin paving installers. Our prices for a day are £250.00 each. Kindly query with our specialists for the next training day.

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Make your home stand out with resin bound paving by Surebond Surfaces UK Ltd. Call us on 01278 664 402 today.
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