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Our driveway surfacing services include resin bound stone paving & driveways in Bristol covering Long Ashton, Clevedon, Portishead, Bath, Clifton, Patchway, Keynsham and Nailsea.

Resin Driveways Bristol

Resin Bound Paving & Driveways

Surebond Surfaces UK has been laying resin driveways Bristol for over 35 years from the first types being resin bonded stone and resin bound stone driveways Bristol.

There are mainly two types of resin driveways Bristol we offer and our industry standards known as resin bound stone driveways Bristol and resin bonded stone.

Resin bound stone driveways Bristol UV stable and non UV systems are generally laid between 15mm-20mm sometimes thicker when using larger stones.

Resin bound stone driveways Bristol (permeable driveways Bristol)

Resin bound stone is a permeable finish which allows water to drain through it and not pond rainfall. Widely used as it complies with SUDs sustainable urban drainage allowing water to drain through the system and into the ground and not sending to drains causing flash flooding in heavy down pours. Permeable driveways Bristol solutions need a permeable base such as permeable base tarmac and eco grids and X grid recycled plastic reinforced permeable stone filled interlocking grids.

Resin bound overlay driveways Bristol

Resin bound overlay driveways Bristol can be used over existing driveways Bristol such as existing tarmac, concrete, paving slabs etc.

You should be satisfied that the bases have settled and not on the move and this system is considered when you don't want the expense of installing a new base. It should be considered as a way of tidying up unsightly drives and paths. Although we can reinforce existing cracks with reinforcing mesh this does not guarantee movement cannot create reflective cracking. If in doubt always consider the full dig out and new base system before installing the resin driveways Bristol.

UV stable or non-UV

In the early days of resin driveways Bristol non UV resin was mostly used but now with the resin technology making available UV resistant resin we will always recommend the very best UV resistant resins. Non-UV resins are still available but do discolour and should only be considered with darker colours where the budget does not allow for the very best UV resistant non discolouring resin formulations.

Why resin driveways Bristol with Surebond Sufaces UK?

  • 15 year guarantee (20 year life expectancy)
  • Gives a Natural Stone appearance
  • Highly durable and low maintenance
  • Can incorporate any design and logo
  • Smooth, seamless and slip resistant
  • Wide variety of natural stone finishes to complement the environment
  • A porous surface allowing water to drain through the resin bound paving
  • Possible to lay this at varying thickness and take out substrate irregularities

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